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Up & Close with Coach Wiese

Up & Close with Coach Wiese

Jordan Bates and Mckenzie Reuter October 31, 2019

 Some Belmont peers were wondering about the game this Friday and what some obstacles would be as they play in the snow, as well as wondering if they have ever played in the snow. As a newspaper reporter...

Ron & Ronda's Restaurant Review- Barrel House

Ron & Ronda’s Restaurant Review- Barrel House

Ron & Ronda October 31, 2019

We, Ron and Ronda, decided to review Barrel House of Dubuque, IA for this month’s restaurant review.  We went on a Sunday, right around noon, for lunch. When we entered, the entrance seemed cluttered...

New Teacher!

New Teacher!

Hailey Jentz, Reporter October 31, 2019

There are many new teachers this school year. Mr. Abernathy has the privilege to be one! I interviewed him on some key features on why he came to Belmont, how he likes Belmont, and what he likes to do...

Scythe Book Review

Scythe Book Review

Zak Bockhop, Reporter October 31, 2019

Scythe is a book set in a dystopian world.  They have cured death. Doesn’t that sound great?  It isn’t. The world doesn’t have an unlimited amount of resources.  The solution the world came up...

W.A.R.P: The Reluctant Assassin Book Review

W.A.R.P: The Reluctant Assassin Book Review

Zak Bockhop October 29, 2019

Author: Eoin Colfer The reluctant assassin is Riley, a Victorian boy who is suddenly sent to the 21st century.  W.A.R.P. is an FBI program and it stands for Witness Anonymous Relocation Program. It...

Red Queen Book Review

Red Queen Book Review

October 29, 2019

Author: Victoria Aveyard This book has a lot of content.  It contains court intrigue, caste divisions, and superpowers.  There is a lot of world building. If you don’t like reading a lot of exposition...

This or That

Hailey Jentz and Jordan Bates October 24, 2019

This month, we randomly asked students to take a This or That survey. There was around 30 students in the class. From their answers we tallied them all up and some of them were huge upsets.  Here are...

NBA Controversy

NBA Controversy

October 23, 2019

A while ago, the general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” Chinese authorities were clearly not happy with the Houston Rockets and the NBA. Now if you...

Who’s That Teacher

Jarron Vinger, Editor October 22, 2019

Teacher Details They enjoy salty food. This person loves the outdoors. Their favorite bop to jam out to, is Beautiful People Written by- Ed Sheeran Ft. Khalid Likes Disney?  YES...YES...YES!!! ...

Brilliant New Brave

Brilliant New Brave

Allie Burgess, Reporter October 18, 2019

Over the course of this first month, we have seen many new students. One that amazes me is Phoebe Huang. Although Phoebe is only eleven, and a Freshman, she is in many upper-level classes. What most...

Photo Credits: Zachary Mester

This Is Her Hometown

Zachary Mester, Editor October 8, 2019

Belmont native, Ashley Knebel, has lived in Belmont her whole life.  She has attended Belmont ever since she was in pre-k. She has many reasons to love her hometown and school.  Of the many, she loves...

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