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Divergent Book Review

Divergent Book Review

Zak Bockhop, Editor March 2, 2020

Author: Veronica Roth Divergent is a book set in a dystopian Chicago.  Because of the fall of civilization, Chicago is living without any contact with the outside world.  Chicago society is divided...


Phy-ed with a Twist of Winter

Mckenzie Reuter, Editor February 26, 2020

Physical education is a very important aspect of a high schoolers life. They go outside and fitness test, or they play kickball. But have you ever thought about what they do during the winter season. Hint:...

The 5th Wave Book Review

The 5th Wave Book Review

January 21, 2020

Author: Rick Yancey In The 5th Wave aliens have shown up on our doorstep.  They first appeared in secret in the 90s. However, no one that they were here.  They waited many years in secret to start...

Racial Discrimination

Racial Discrimination

January 20, 2020

Angie Thomas was featured in an article on RightOn Magazine in 2003 and later decided to write and publish her book the Hate You Give in 2017. This book explains how people looked at blacks. This book...

School Days

School Days

Maggie Voigts, Reporter January 17, 2020

This month/week is holiday break for a lot of college students, and last year's graduates are coming back to visit. I've heard a lot of current students talking about how they would never want to do this...

Picture by Milumia

Ripped Jeans…Good or Bad?

Mckenzie Reuter, Editor January 16, 2020

One of the big trends that is hitting public schools is ripped jeans. Many schools oppose the idea of jeans that have rips in them because they claim there is too much skin showing. Some are opposed to...

Illuminae Book Review

Illuminae Book Review

Zak Bockhop, Editor January 10, 2020

Authors: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Illuminae is a sci-fi book.  It isn’t your normal novel. It has more in common with a graphic novel.  I would say it lies some place in between the two genres....

The Assassin's Blade Book Review

The Assassin’s Blade Book Review

Zak Bockhop, Editor January 3, 2020

Author: Sarah J. Maas The Assassin’s Blade is a book set in the mythical continent of Erilea.  The continent is currently under war. There is a King that is trying to conquer the continent and put...


Brave Reader Tea

Allie Burgess, Reporter December 27, 2019

Since the Brave Reader newspaper is now online and no longer in paper form, I interviewed a few people on their opinions about the change. As a first year Mass Media student, I think the transition to...

Eragon Book Review

Eragon Book Review

November 22, 2019

Author: Christopher Paolini Eragon is a book set in a fantasy world.  It shares a likeness with the Lord of the Rings.  Much like the Lord of the Rings there are humans, dwarves, and elves.  This...

Half Bad Book Review

Half Bad Book Review

November 18, 2019

  Author: Sally Green Half Bad is a book set in a fantasy world, but it is very much like our own.  The only difference is that the world is populated with witches. The witch community in Europe...

What's Bugging You?

What’s Bugging You?

Is something on your mind let it out on here. You can also take a picture of the various QR codes throughout the high school to share your thoughts.
Jarron Vinger and Zak Bockhop November 12, 2019


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