Polar Bears Population Increasing

Polar Bears Population Increasing

Emery Runde, Reporter

Did you know that over the years the polar bear population has been increasing, not decreasing? This may seem surprising to many people due to ice caps melting and videos of “starving” polar bears. I remember sitting in class watching documentaries about climate change and how polar bears are going to go extinct because of mass starvation. However the opposite is true, polar bear populations have actually been increasing. In the 1970’s polar bear populations were below 8,000 but now they are anywhere between 22,000 and 31,000. This may be due to polar bear hunting becoming illegal or highly restricted in many countries. Also, some studies have come out saying that ice declines during the spring have little impact on polar bear survival. Why might this be true? Well, their intense feeding time ends around mid-June or earlier. During the summer most polar bears live off their fat either on sea ice or on land. The World Conservation Union estimated that by 2050 the polar bear population will decrease by 30 percent. But then again others came out years earlier that said polar bears should be on the brink of extinction by now. In the end, I hope that polar bears do not go extinct and I especially hope that everyone who has been fear-mongering their extinctions reputation will be diminished. 


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