Up & Close with Coach Wiese

Up & Close with Coach Wiese

Jordan Bates and Mckenzie Reuter

 Some Belmont peers were wondering about the game this Friday and what some obstacles would be as they play in the snow, as well as wondering if they have ever played in the snow. As a newspaper reporter I was curious about this myself, so Mckenzie Reuter and I, Jordan Bates, decided to take a trip to the Head Coach Mr. Weise to ask him these questions. Some of these answers may be unexpected to some, but he has a big mindset as he coaches the team and as that group of strong, powerful men walk out onto this field this Friday here in Belmont to play Oakfield and kick some butt. This is what coach Weise had to say about this Friday.


What are you nervous about for the game on Friday?

Nervous? I’m not really nervous about the game on Friday.  I think its the week that we have been building up from losing to them at the beginning of the season. So uh our plan is to execute things better this time around, and I feel better where we are at.


What are you excited for as you continue into the playoffs playing Oakfield this Friday?

We are excited to have the opportunity of playing in the playoffs, and to have come this far as a team and as the Head Coach. I am excited to be going this far with this group of guys and look forward to kicking some Oakfield butt hopefully. 


Have you ever played football in the snow before? (During past coaching)

Actually, I have had an experience with snow during football season.  It wasn’t here at Belmont, but it was at Potosi when I coached there.


Did it affect the game? Or was it kind of like it was just there?

It definitely had its own obstacles, and in that case it was frozen so.  It was really cold out so I think the cold had a factor more than the snow.


What is your mindset as a Head Coach as you continue into the playoffs? 

It’s having the will to keep going with what we have built upon throughout the season and bring that confidence into the playoffs as we did all year while in the post season.


Do you think you have a really good chance to overcome Oakfield this Friday?

Absolutely!  At first when we played them we had three touchdowns and some overturns. I think we have a better chance, but now we have to go out and execute it.

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