Red Queen Book Review

Red Queen Book Review

Author: Victoria Aveyard

This book has a lot of content.  It contains court intrigue, caste divisions, and superpowers.  There is a lot of world building. If you don’t like reading a lot of exposition then you may not like this book.  This book only has one main character. However, sequels will begin to tell the story from other characters perspectives.  Mare, the main character, is quite unique. There are silvers and reds. Silvers are people with silver blood and have various superpowers.  Reds are people that are ordinary and aren’t special in the sense that they don’t have superpowers. I won’t tell you what makes Mare special.

The author starts the world building off slow.  By the end of the book you may not understand all of the silvers powers.  However by then you won’t want to stop turning the pages. When Mare enters the silver courts you learn a lot about the working of the courts.  Even though the first two-thirds of the book can seem a little slow the last third makes up for it. Don’t bother trying to find out the end game of the book.  Aveyard, the author, is very good at hiding the plot of the villains.

This book is the first in a 4 book series.  In my opinion, the second book is the most exciting while the third tells a rather uninteresting story.  The fourth book has the most action. However, you may not like how the story ends. In the end if you love a bit of fantasy then you’ll probably love this book.


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