Ron & Ronda’s Restaurant Review- Barrel House

Ron & Ronda

We, Ron and Ronda, decided to review Barrel House of Dubuque, IA for this month’s restaurant review.  We went on a Sunday, right around noon, for lunch. When we entered, the entrance seemed cluttered and it was hard to tell where we should wait to be seated.  Aside from that, the rest of the experience at Barrel House was excellent. The service was top of the line, and the food too. Ron ordered the Ranch Chicken Sandwich with Sidewinder Fries and a root beer and Ronda ordered the Cowboy Burger with Sidewinder Fries, cottage cheese, and an iced tea.  Ron’s meal was amazing at every level. Even the pickles were the quote on quote “good kind.” Ronda felt similar about her meal. Even the portions were perfect. At the end of the meal, the bill came in a timely manner. Being from Wisconsin, we both got a side of ranch for our meals, but at a cost of $0.75 each.  Good thing we like our ranch! The total came to just under $35 for the whole meal. Other than slight sticker shock, reflecting on our visit, both of us agree that the price fit the type of restaurant that we were at. If you want a good meal, head to Barrel House, but it may cost you slightly more than you’re used to paying.