This or That

Hailey Jentz and Jordan Bates

This month, we randomly asked students to take a This or That survey. There was around 30 students in the class. From their answers we tallied them all up and some of them were huge upsets.  Here are the results:

Chocolate vs. Sugar: 84%

Thanksgiving vs. Valentine’s Day: 84%

Vans vs. Converse: 60%

Raspberry vs. Blueberry : 70%

Nike vs. Adidas : 65%

Hershey vs. Butterfinger: 55%

Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day: 65%

Netflix vs. YouTube: 75%

Dog vs. Cat: 72%

Cardio vs. Weights: 77%

Pop vs. Indie: 94%

Cake vs. Pie: 94%

Football vs. Basketball: 73%

Cheeseburger vs. Taco: 52%

Car vs. Truck: 65%

Blue vs. Red: 88%

 Pepsi vs. coke: 68%