NBA Controversy

A while ago, the general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” Chinese authorities were clearly not happy with the Houston Rockets and the NBA. Now if you did not know Hong Kong had been apart of Britain for 150 years until 1982. In 1982 Britain gave Hong Kong back to China after being threatened that if they did not give Hong Kong over China would take it back themselves. So, Britain gave back Hong Kong but only on the condition that Hong Kong citizens would have the freedom of speech, democracy and a fair and impartial trial for the next 50 years. Since then China has slowly been taking rights from democratic Hong Kong. In March they tried to pass the Fugitive Offenders amendment bill. This bill would allow Hong Kong residents to be transferred and tried in China courts. Now, why would China want to do this? Because when they try to pass bills that take away Hong Kong citizen’s freedoms there is usually tremendous backlash and protests. They are trying to pass this bill in order to trial protesters of Hong Kong in Socialist China courts! In mainland China, death penalty cases are decided in under 20 minutes and 99.9% of people who go to trial are found guilty. If they are able to do this they will be able to pass ANY bill without fail. If anyone talks against this then they will be brought to mainland China courts and they WILL be found guilty. As the protests go on police actions towards the protesters have become increasingly violent. 

Now, why would the NBA choose a side in this you ask? Well, China takes up about 10% of the NBA’s profits and by 2030 they are set to make up 20% of profits. Many Chinese companies were outraged by the general managers and stated they may cut off all ties with the NBA. Some pre-season games were not aired in China because of the Houston Rockets controversy. Since then a CNN reporter tried to question the Houston Rockets about this during a press conference and had her mic yanked away. During a pre-game, a couple held “Free Hong-Kong” and a “Google Uyghur” signs which they had confiscated and were then asked to leave by NBA officials. The Houston Rockets general manager has since apologized for his tweet. However, the NBA has a policy that allows players to comment on “politics and social causes if they wish.” But when China became upset by this the NBA seemed to bow down to them.


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