Who’s That Teacher

Jarron Vinger, Editor

Teacher Details

  • They enjoy salty food.
  • This person loves the outdoors.
  • Their favorite bop to jam out to, is Beautiful People Written by- Ed Sheeran Ft. Khalid
  • Likes Disney?  YES…YES…YES!!!
  • This person enjoys watching football……but likes playing basketball.
  • Favorite pastime: spending time with their kids.
  • For them, Texas Roadhouse is where it’s at.
  • Favorite book: A Time to Kill- Written by- John Grisham.
  • With a million dollars this person would like to pay off debt and his/hers parents debt, as well as start a college fund for their kids, and then donate whatever is left.
  • This person would retire today if they could, of course, they would retire in Vermont/Maine

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