RIP Richard

Maggie Voigts, Student Writer

We interviewed Hailey Barth on how her first month of school for our mass media scavenger hunt. She said that it was a very emotional first month. We didn’t really dig into why it was so emotional. So later, I sat down with Hailey again to get a better look at why it didn’t go so well. Hailey told us herself, “school was becoming overwhelming with all the fair stuff going on and teachers were piling on homework”. Hailey’s pet raccoon named Richard passed away a week before school started, so it was an emotional time for her. She keeps cat food in the back of her car in remembrance of him. She also had a staff infection and was told it could be life-threatening. Hailey is hoping that school goes better for the rest of the year. It was nice to sit down with Hailey and get an insight on why school was so emotional. We all hope she has a better and more exciting year.