Mass Media’s Horrible Scavenger Hunt

On September 23, the mass media class was assigned a task called the scavenger hunt. We were split up into groups and assigned this project by our newspaper advisor, Mrs.Haverland. The mass media had until September 30th, to complete the scavenge. The scavenger hunt required that they take photos and record quotes of teachers, students, and items around the Belmont School, by doing this we got a double bonus and triple bonus. Their tasks included taking pictures of things that look like B or athletes in action and getting quotes from students about the new school year. However their leader gave them a grave warning, if they interrupt a class they would have points deducted! 

So with fear in their hearts they set out in different groups, each trying to finish the same tasks in different ways. On the first day of their quest, many just wandered around searching for things that looked like the letters B, R, A, V, E, and S while others searched for people to get quotes from. When the last day rolled around everyone was running around attempting to get their tasks done! Finally, on September 30th, it was over. Everyone could let out a big sigh of relief. In the end, some groups, though valiantly trying to get the tasks completed, could not finish. While others forgot something or were docked points for a simple mistake like forgetting to name a person in their picture. Thankfully everyone passed however, on the horizon, there’s a new task to complete. A never before seen task is set before them, an ONLINE NEWSPAPER!


Photo: (Herald Times Reporter file) of previous Belmont Mascot