Changes to Our School

By: Hailey Jentz


Hailey Jentz

There have been many changes to the school this year. From our school being renovated, the use of electronics, and being more committed to extracurriculars! One teacher specifically, Mr.Lehnherr, has seen many changes throughout the year.

The new renovations in the school make our school more attractive. It makes our school look positive, welcoming, and bright. Not only does the renovations make the school look better, but it allows Belmont to have more room. As stated by Mr.Lehnherr, Belmont’s band director, “I think it gave Belmont a lot more room. Specifically in the band room, it doubled my space by giving me a lot more rehearsal space and storage space.” This past year renovations have included adding four more classrooms, updating the entire elementary side of the school, and fixing the roof. “We were outgrowing our building,” explained Mr.Lehnherr.

The use of electronics has always been a sensitive topic. “Students are using way more electronics than they use too,” according to Mr.Lehnherr. Some students use phones for the proper purpose, while others do not. The school district invested in new computers for the majority of staff members and have worked on increasing the bandwidth throughout the school.   

“I think kids are busier now than they used to be and that is a good thing,” said Mr.Lehnherr. “I think students are used to being busy.” Work, sports, and school is a lot to handle, but kids are able to do it. Belmont Schools offers many clubs and sports.

Many people in our school district have seen many positive changes to our school. Little and big changes make a difference. More changes will be coming to Belmont Schools in the Ag area, fifth and sixth grade hallway, and a new playground.

Mr.Lehnherr, Belmont’s Band Director