This Is Her Hometown


Photo Credits: Zachary Mester

Zachary Mester, Editor

Belmont native, Ashley Knebel, has lived in Belmont her whole life.  She has attended Belmont ever since she was in pre-k. She has many reasons to love her hometown and school.  Of the many, she loves coming to school and seeing all of the smiling faces. With Belmont being such a small town, she loves the fact that she knows everyone, and everyone knows her.  Even though she has lived here for 18 years, one place she as never visited is the First Capitol Buildings, located just outside of town. She said she would like to go but in her own words, “never actually took the time to go see them.”  After she graduates, she plans on staying close by. She would love to travel, but would eventually like to make her way back. No matter where she ends up, Ashley is proud of her hometown. She wouldn’t have wanted to be raised anywhere else.

Photo Credits: The Library of Congress