Eight No Problem

Luke Kamps, Reporter

The Belmont football program has recently transitioned from eleven-man football to eight- man football. I decided to interview Coach McKinley, who happens to be a football coach here at Belmont for 8-man football. Coach McKinley, talking about the change to eight-man, stated in the interview, “It has been a really good transition. We are able to play the guys at the levels they should be playing at.” McKinley likes that being such a small school, we can finally have people that can play at the levels that fit them best. He stated, “Varsity guys can play Varsity ball, and JV guys can play JV ball.”  We don’t just need McKinley’s word to tell us that the switch has been successful. If you look at the team stats, since the switch, you can definitely tell that something has changed. Belmont went from 1-8 in eleven-man last year, to 6-1 in eight-man so far this year. Keep up the good work boys!!!