Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


We all have dreams, and we all have goals but what we do to achieve them is different. The future waits for us as we become closer to graduating and have to start deciding on a career. The life we have after high school will be scary, but the path you choose will be the path to legacy. Your dream is full of hope and goals, now all you need to do is strive and achieve.

 Taylar Simmons is a great example. Taylar works hard and strives to be the best she can be  She studies and gets work done and turned in on time because she wants to be looked at as reliable. Taylar may be seen in Belmont Community Schools wearing a Clarke University shirt, but does that mean she wants to apply and get a degree there? No, Taylar was found wearing that shirt because it was in her interests, ever heard the saying go for what you think is best? She wanted to see what options she had at Clarke University and realized that there is better, but Clarke University would still be an option. 

Taylar actually has big plans to attend UW-La Crosse for Psychology. She has had her mindset on one big goal in life and she is striving to make that happen. She wants to get a degree in Psychology because she loves science and enjoys looking at the mind and behavior of science. Taylar would like to attend La Crosse after graduating in 2020, knowing that if La Crosse doesn’t work out she will always have options. Being a senior means we have lots of stuff on our plates, with applying to college and for scholarships, but Taylar is outgoing and outstanding and refuses to let anything get in her way of achieving the dream and goal of becoming a student of La Crosse. She plans to attend La Crosse for four years and get a degree and continue to learn and explore science. How will Taylar achieve this goal or dream? She will to do the best she can in school and graduate, reach high standards, accomplish what needs to be done, and see what real life has for her out there. Taylor refuses to give up and continues to go big and reach high.