Divergent Book Review

Divergent Book Review

Zak Bockhop, Editor

Author: Veronica Roth

Divergent is a book set in a dystopian Chicago.  Because of the fall of civilization, Chicago is living without any contact with the outside world.  Chicago society is divided into five factions, each is dedicated to a particular virtue. Candor are the honest, Abnegation are the selfless, Dauntless are the brave, Amity are the peaceful, and Erudite are the intellect. Every year every 16 year old must choose which faction they will be in.  

For Beatrice the decision is between staying with her family or being who she really is.  She will then make a decision that will surprise everyone. Once you enter your new faction you are allowed to change your name.  Beatrice decides to change it to Tris. Tris must undergo extreme physical tests, and psychological simulation. Intuition changes all the new recruits and they must decide who their allies are.  Many hold secrets that can be used against them. Tris also has a secret, one that she has kept from everyone because she has been warned that it can mean death.

For me Divergent is a very special book.  Divergent was the first book that really peaked my interest and made me a book enthusiast.  I will be the first to say that the book isn’t perfect. The world building isn’t perfect. Things are left fairly vague, though this could have been a conscious decision by the author.  In my opinion, you need to lay down the framework for the world the book is set in first. However, there is no doubt that because things are left so vague, you can’t help but be intrigued with the unknown.

The characters also sometimes have a lot of depth and sometimes are rather shallow.  Some of Tris’s friends are good characters. Each of them are unique all in their own way.  However, like many stories the villains are not so great. They don’t have much depth and are mostly just present to enact their typical bad guy plan.

This book is a very fun read.  When I first read this book, my 13 year old mind was blown away.  I had no idea that books could carry a story that could resemble a movie so easily.  Divergent will always be a recommendation that I make to new readers.


Photo credit: Katherine Tegen Books