Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Zachary Mester, Editor

On Monday, February 17th, Belmont hosted a blood drive for the American Red Cross in the Elementary Gym.  Despite the three-plus inches of snow, we received that day, a total of 24 units of blood were donated.  This was the first blood drive of the year, but the third of the school year.

The kick-off drive for the school year is the annual Tessa Bug Blood Drive at the Belmont Convention Center, inspired by Tessa Carey, who battled leukemia as a toddler.  Numerous locals donate their time and treats for the blood drives.  Students of our school also volunteer to help at the check-in table.

Many high school students even donate blood at these blood drives.  As many as 10 have donated at recent blood drives.  With the number of students in after school sporting events and other activities, that number is amazing.

Senior Mckenzie Reuter volunteered at the drive on Monday.  She commented, “It was great to see the results of the results of the drive given the weather.”

When asked about the involvement of high schoolers at blood drives, she said, “I love to see high schoolers donate.  It is great knowing they are helping the world by donating.”

If you are eligible, I strongly encourage you to donate.  By doing so, you can help save lives, as the nation is in the midst of a blood shortage.  Even if you cannot donate blood, there are other ways to donate.  Whether it be by donating your time or even treats for the drives, your help is always needed.  Visit to learn more.