Phy-ed with a Twist of Winter



Mckenzie Reuter, Editor

Physical education is a very important aspect of a high schoolers life. They go outside and fitness test, or they play kickball. But have you ever thought about what they do during the winter season. Hint: they stay inside and don’t do much but play kickball and weight lift. Now, that is a bunch of kids that are missing out on other fun activities that would benefit their health.

What if we had snowshoeing, skiing, or even kickball outside during the winter. I feel as if our kids need to expect more from phy-ed. Especially during the winter season. I interviewed Freshman Abby Reuter about what she thought about introducing these activities to phy-ed.

She said, “I would enjoy this very much. I feel like this would really get the students going. Maybe more would become active and join phy-ed.”

Many students would not only enjoy these activities, but they would be more likely to be active. It is very important to be active during the winter season, when it is hard to much outside.  If you’re like me and think introducing these activities would be a good idea, talk about with your friends.  The more interest there is, the easier it will be to get them introduced.