Hailey Jentz, Reporter

Most people wonder why people get animals that are so much work. The thing is that most animals are a lot of work, but not all dogs and puppies are. It all depends on who your are and what you would do with your dog.

Why should anyone get a puppy?

Well, there are many reasons. Puppies make you feel better and are great stress relievers. They can grow to be your loyal friends and also help you make friends. Also, they are unbelievably cute! Puppies keep you active, as well.

Dogs/Puppies need attention. Ways to give them attention are taking them on walks, giving them a bath, and even giving them a treat. These make dogs happier and put you in a better state.

“Dogs are good companions because they help you when you are sad,” said Trent Shepherd.

There are many types of dogs you can own. From small to big and colorful to calm there are millions of breeds. Some breeds are used in the police force and others are used for special services.  Dogs can help you in millions of ways. There are many to choose from whether they’re from a shelter or a family friend. They can help your behavior and health needs.