How To Stop Forest Fires


Emery Runde, Reporter

Because of the many forest fires in California and Australia, this question has been brought up. How do we stop forest fires? While it is hard to stop them once they have already started there are ways to stop them before they start. A big way to prevent forest fires is burning techniques. Now, here are ways to stop forest fires.

One way to stop forest fires is to put cigarettes in marked ash trays or container or to stomp them until they die.  Do not just throw them on the ground.  If you have a campfire then either stay until it burns itself out or pour water on it. When you have burn piles do it far away from structures, forests, crops, and anything that could be used as fuel.  Don’t burn when there’s a lot of wind.  If it gets out of control, IMMEDIATELY call the fire department.

There are also ways to make it harder for forests to catch on fire. They are called burning techniques. These techniques are used by burning down old dead forests and replanting them.  This is used because younger forests are far harder to burn down than old, dead forests that have much more fuel for fires. Younger forests also have the added benefit of more animals wanting to live in them. Many places, such as Yellowstone National Park, use this technique to not only make the animals happier, but to also prevent forest fires.

Please use any or all of these tips or else you might just start a forest fire.  Many of these techniques were made as a reaction to something that happened.   Remember, “Only you can prevent forest fires!”  Just ask Smokey Bear!