Prom Preparation


Taken at Forever More Bridal.

Allie Burgess, Reporter

With prom right around the corner, students are rushing to get the perfect dress and find dates. The Juniors are working hard getting the theme ready and arranging for post-prom activities. Three Junior Class females shared what makes the perfect dress: pockets.  Pockets are the new dress addition many buyers are looking for.

If you are looking for a prom dress on a budget you can rent dresses. An excellent place for this is at Forever More Bridal in Dubuque, IA. They have a wide variety from short to long, sparkly to simple, and pockets to poofy. Other places in the tri-state area are Bridal Boutique (Platteville), Zazou’s Bridal Boutique (Dubuque), and many more! Dress preferences vary with every person along with their style of prom.

Hailey Barth stated, “The thing that makes the best prom is the theme and music.” This years prom will be memorable.

Another trend students are looking forward to are whimsical signs, asking their dates to prom. These are also known as “promposals.”  The key to getting the best sign is to relate the quote to the potential dates interests.

This year’s prom will be April 25th.  It will be amazing, and post-prom will be even better.