Senior Trip


Zachary Mester, Editor

On Wednesday, January 29th, the senior class returned from a four day class trip to Clearwater Beach, Florida.  They flew out early Sunday morning and flew in just as school got out on Wednesday.

If you would have asked a senior in September, none of them would have thought it was possible to take a class trip to Florida.  After some outside research help by some senior class parents, the seniors slowly started to see that Florida was not just a pipe dream, it could be a reality.  Though the seniors had successfully fundraised through their cheese curd and cheese fry stands at the Belmont Fair for the last four years, if they wanted to go to Florida, they had to do some extra fundraising.  They could be seen at almost every football, volleyball, and basketball game selling 50/50 raffle ticket and sometimes even doing concessions at the games. On December 12th, the class even hosted a successful spaghetti dinner during a busy night of sporting events at the high school.

For many seniors, this was their first time flying.  Some had never had the opportunity to leave the tri-state area before the trip.  The senior class trip can be some students only chance to see the outside world before leaving our school.  The seniors learned valuable life lessons in budgeting, planning, and working together in the process of planning and fundraising for the trip.  It truly is a great opportunity that Belmont has to offer their students!

Senior Mckenzie Reuter had this to say about the trip, “Overall, this trip was amazing. I got closer with my friends, and I enjoyed the time I had. Also, it was very warm, and I was sad to come back to the cold weather and snow. Many classes don’t get to experience this, but I would love to see this tradition continue. I think this because I believe everyone should be able to experience everything that we did.”

During the trip, the seniors visited Busch Gardens, a theme park and zoo, and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is the home of the tailless dolphin, Winter, from the movie Dolphin Tales.  At the aquarium, students learned about protecting marine life and saw many amazing sea animals.  The highlight for many was the dolphin show, where they saw many amazing tricks from the highly intelligent mammals.  Of course, a trip to Clearwater Beach would not be complete without visiting the beach and pier.  On the final night, they did just that. They swam at the beach and watched the sunset from the pier.

The seniors were able to successfully fundraise for their trip, however they couldn’t have gone without the help of many.  The seniors would love to thank the school board and school administration for allowing them to go on the trip. They would especially like to thank Shelly, their parents, advisors, and all donors to the trip.  Without their help the trip wouldn’t have been possible!