Can You Survive a Nuclear Bomb Inside a Locker?

The question about where you can survive a nuclear attack has been asked many times. Since the Cold War, people have been making bomb shelters and trying to find out what else we can survive in. Because let us be honest building a bomb shelter is just too much work. We have found out that you can’t survive a nuclear bomb inside a refrigerator. So, what about a school locker?

Now, we have to be able to figure out how far from the bomb we have to be, and what level of radiation we can handle. “You probably don’t want to be 20 feet away from it when it goes off, so just be 21 feet away! If you think you’re not far enough just run. The level of radiation we can handle is unlimited. You are able to hide under beds, inside freezers, in closets, lockers, and any other hiding place you can find to survive a nuclear attack. However, you can NOT survive in a refrigerator!” (FACTS by Let’s hear others’ thoughts on this topic!


Shaggy, “Lockers make a GREAT hiding place! Especially when you put scooby snacks in it!” 

Oppenheimer, “You are inept if you think you can hide in a locker during a nuclear attack! You know what yes CLEARLY you will survive a nuclear attack inside of a school locker. In fact, I think people should try it. You know what they say survival of the FITTEST.”


Well then as you can tell many people are a lot more excited about this subject than others. As you can see trying to survive a nuclear attack in a locker is the best idea yet. It is revolutionary! 

To end surviving in a refrigerator may not work but, surviving in a locker has a 100% survival rate! So, when you here the bombs coming don’t go into your bunker go into your school locker. It will be just a bit of time before every home has a school locker in them. Because why would anyone pay for a bunker when you can pay for a school locker? To end, then answer is yes you can survive in a locker during a nuclear attack.





Article Title: How to survive Nuclear Attacks

Website Title: Scientific Satire


Author: Real Person

Publisher: Scientific Satire

Publication Date: Jan 10, 252