Electricity In Lockers? Maybe…Maybe Not

Electricity In Lockers?  Maybe...Maybe Not


There is a petition floating around the school right now that has a lot of support from students.  The petition is asking the school’s administration to install electrical outlets into each locker as a part of the referendum project.  As the petition states, “these electrical outlets would help the current initiative by administrators to curtail phone use in the classroom.”

Mrs. Haverland, an ELA classroom teacher, thinks this is a great idea.  “It gives students and teachers what they want.  It’s truly a great idea,” said Mrs. Haverland.

Another teacher, Mr. Hodgson, thinks that the school could use the money better elsewhere.  “I think that we need a soda tap with only Dt. Pepsi in it, electricity in students’ lockers is nonsense.

Obviously, teachers have differing opinions on the subject, but one thing is for sure, all students are in favor of this idea.

One student, Mckenzie Reuter, commented, “I use my phone so much that it dies halfway through the day.  It’s a real problem.  This would solve my problem.  I think it’s a great idea.”

Another student, Maggie Voigts, told me in a phone interview during her science class, “I have wanted something like this ever since I first brought my phone to school.  My phone can’t keep a charge, and I have to stay close to an outlet.  How brilliant of an idea!”

A local school district, Cuba City, has already implemented this idea and has received mostly positive feedback.  A, in their own words, “a high up official in the Cuba City School District has allowed me to interview him as long as his identity remains a secret.  In the interview, he said, “I was the one who thought of this idea at Cuba City and recommended it to a student at Belmont.  I really enjoy having my students back.  With their phones in their lockers, they never are distracted anymore.”

Although this idea may seem unrealistic, it really is a novel idea.  With students not being distracted by their phones, they could learn more and their test scores could go up.  The overall environment of Belmont would be improved.  Why hasn’t anybody thought of this sooner?