Why can’t we have outlets in lockers? But teachers can have them in their rooms?

Why can't we have outlets in lockers? But teachers can have them in their rooms?

Jordan Bates, reporter

I had interviewed two people from Leconte Electric asking them why we don’t have outlets in our lockers. Joe and Bob had told me many benefits and non-benefits that come with locker outlets. In this article you will be reading what they told me about why we don’t have outlets in our lockers. 

A few minutes into the interview I had asked how come schools don’t have outlets in lockers. I got an answer from Bob saying outlets in lockers not only would for some schools be expensive but every student would need one and depending on the size of the school it could be pretty pricey. Then Joe interrupted saying I think a fire hazard or losing electricity and power would be more of a problem or concern than prices in a school. Having every locker with an outlet would be dangerous, the amount of power that would be pulled from every single one of those outlets would be very hazardous.  Overall within the 15-25 minutes I had asked them a bunch of questions about outlets in lockers I got mainly negative questions, so then I moved on to asking what good possibilities there could be of having outlets in lockers could be.

Good possibilities of having outlets in lockers could lead to some beneficial things for students. Joe had mentioned that if students would have outlets in their lockers it not only would be handy for things to be plugged in or if you  have a decoration that you want like a lava lamp plugged in but its a source that can be used to plug in phones when a student’s battery is draining. Bob had quoted to me “ as long as i’m concerned outlets aren’t needed.” Joe had also quoted to me “ Think of the possibilities and benefits students would have, they would feel as if they were in heaven.” 

Overall in  this interview I think Joe and Bob have come to a conclusion of trying to let people know that there are many benefits but there are more non-benefits that come with outlets. Many schools would not be able to afford the price of having to have over 100 outlets in every student locker, Joe had also quoted “ you can’t give one student something and not the rest” so make sure to be fair. I had at the end asked Bob how come teachers get outlets in their rooms but students can’t have them in their lockers, like isn’t as much of a hazard as us having it in lockers? Sadly this is a question that shall not be and will not be answered in this article.