There is a Haunted Locker in our school


have you noticed a cold feeling when walking next a specific locker. there is a in our school that is haunted. Locker 181 has been claimed to be haunted since the school was first built. students claim that the locker opens up automatically thought the school day. I interviewed Casin Carey who’s locker is right next to the supposed haunted locker “dude that locker is super wavy bruh. it almost smashed my fingers in it”

this locker has a crazy story attached to it. like I said earlier this has been haunted since it was built. it was prom 1999 some mischievous students (Brady Books, were wondering near the school construction equipment when they noticed a machine idling this student who shall not be named then proceeded to mount the machine and move it around. the fun didnt last long though because he didn’t know how to stop the machine slammed into locker 181 ejecting the man into the metal killing him instantly. The next day the construction team was investigating the moved equipment when they noticed that there was blood everywhere. They didn’t want to get into trouble so they cleaned it up and pretended it never happened.

Today there is a