I did not sign up for this..


Maggie Voigts, Writer

Have you ever watched High School Musical? Have you ever been extremely jealous of Sharpay Evans locker? I would love to have a pinked out locker, but we can’t have that. The school would be quaking if people put even a dot of paint on their locker. This has been a very popular topic in school since High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has aired on Disney+.

I interviewed a few people about this topic and there were a lot of different views and opinions. Personally, I would love to have a pink locker, a twin brother (Ryan), and a personal assistant (Tiara). Some people say they don’t like to attract attention and this would do just that. Allie Burgess stated that she “Would feel like she wouldn’t have any personal space.” Hailey Barth would look having all the attention saying “Having a personal assistant would be awesome and Sharpay is my idol.”

As you can see there are different views on the subject but it would be so cool to have a pink locker. All of the lockers are so basic. I would love the attention for a little bit but would eventually get sick of all of it. Hailey, on the other hand, wouldn’t get sick of it at all she’d love the attention but that’s just Hailey. As Sharpay would say “I want Fabulous.”