Backpacks > Lockers

Backpacks > Lockers

Luke Kamps, Student Writer

Every school has lockers and every student has a locker, but does everyone use their locker? Are lockers even the best option for you?

Many kids have backpacks that they carry around all day. This allows them to go from class to class without going across the school to their locker. I interviewed Hailey Jentz about going class to class with a backpack. Hailey says, “I love my backpack, It allows be to go from point A to point B with no stop. It’s so convenient to have everything there with you.”

Going to your locker is just such a hassle. There is no point if you have a backpack. After interviewing Zak, he mentioned, “I never go to my locker. I don’t even know where it is or what number it is.”

Kids don’t need a locker when you have a backpack, especially when you don’t even know where it is. Therefor backpacks truly are greater than lockers.