Why do people keep their locker’s unlocked


When you walk down a hall in your school, how many lockers are open or unlocked? Well, in my school, there are a lot of open lockers. Many students have reasons for leaving it unlocked.

You may be asking yourself, what is the problem with lockers being unlocked? Well, it is a very big problem, actually. Stealing rates have gone up by 20% within the last year in schools. This tells us that many people either leave their lockers open or schools have sneaky students.

There are many reasons people do not lock their lockers, but the main common one that it is too much work. People often get wrapped up in getting on class on time. With only have a four minute passing period, it can be hard getting all the stuff for your next class and getting to the class on time. Maybe if schools increase the time between classes by a minute, they may have less issues with open lockers.

“It is hard getting to each class with the tight space we already have within our lockers, but to open it as well as being shoved… Wow!” exaggerated Sally.

Having such little space in between lockers may be a part of this problem. In between classes, I see students standing in the middle of the hall waiting for their neighbors to leave for their class. This may cause students to be rushed and not have timed to lock their lockers. Adding more space between lockers, gives students the availability to open their lockers whenever they want.

Another reason is that students do not remember their combination. This happens a lot with new students who are just figuring out how this school works. Students just don’t have the time to remember it or they don’t have a reason too if it is open all the time.

“I don’t have a reason to lock my locker. I don’t keep anything important in my locker.” states Alice “So I don’t see a point locking my locker.”

There is a problem with leaving lockers open. Stealing is increasing in schools. I think that adding more time and space will help with this topic. I hope your school gets on board with this cause. It helps everyone!