The “Popular” Locker


What makes a locker popular? Is it candy sales? The best design? The funniest memes posted on it? Or is it the person who has the locker? There are many “popular lockers” present in the school, but only a couple are glorified. I interviewed different people with a simple “What makes a locker popular?” and “Who has the most popular locker?”

Being a student observer I see many different pictures and jokes posted on student’s lockers. All grade levels stop and read them. Jasmine, a sophomore, stated, “The most popular locker is James’, his locker has the funniest memes on it. Anytime I am feeling down or stressed I take a look at the memes he puts up. He posts a new meme every Wednesday.”

The locker that makes money would be the candy lockers. Kids that sell the candy are the Seniors. I believe it is a good deal to get a king-sized candy bar for $1. Blake, an athlete, commented, “The best lockers are the ones with candy for sale.”

Popular lockers come in all different forms from the candy sales to the decoration. My favorite ones are the memes. I believe decorating our lockers makes the hallways more lively.