What can lockers tell us about a person?

Mckenzie Reuter, Editor

In almost every school, you will find one thing. That one thing is called a locker. Lockers are commonly used for backpacks to be hung up in, books to be put in there, homework, and etc. But have you ever thought about what a locker can tell you. What if it told you what someone was going through, or even something about a person. We are going to look more into what a locker can tell you about a person.

I interviewed Zach Mester about what his locker meant to him. This is what he had to say, “I really do like my locker. People always wonder how and why I keep my locker so clean. I simply reply that I have OCD and that it is easier to find things when it is clean.” That really says a lot about Zach. It says that he is very organized and prepared. Now, there might be someone else who has a dirty locker. I then asked Jarron Vinger about about his locker. This is what he said, “I do like when my locker is clean, but sometimes school is rushed and I just throw and go. It doesn’t mean that I am a messy person, I just don’t have time to keep it clean.” That is very true for him. 

Overall, it doesn’t matter if your locker is dirty or clean. There are many stories as to why they are for what they are. Some decorate them to make it feel more like home. Some don’t have anything in it because maybe they are eager to get home from school. And some maybe don’t even have one. Finally, you can really tell a lot from a locker, whether it is good or bad. So, don’t judge someone’s locker. That can really hurt someone’s feelings and wreck their day. So instead of judging ask them about it.