Flames in Australia

Flames in Australia

Fires are raging across Australia. A lot of destruction has been left in their path. Many people and animals are dead and their homes destroyed. But there are also many relief charities being set up to help them. The government has taken action to help with stopping these fires.

These fires started in late December and have been going ever since. They started due to lightning striking bushes which lit them on fire. There have also been over 24 people arrested for arson connected to starting over 100 fires in Australia. In NSW (an Australian State) alone there are over 100 different fires burning. There have been 17.9 million acres in Australia that have burned, and 28 people are dead. In the most populated state NSW, there have been 1,588 homes burned down and 650 damaged. In NSW there have been half a billion animals affected with millions more than likely dead and that is the lowest estimate. These figures come from the NSW which took into account birds, reptiles, and mammals. It does not include frogs, bats, and insects. About a third of koala habitats have been destroyed and a third of koalas died. This puts the endangered koalas into the even greater danger of going extinct. The Australian Koala Foundation has been even more engaged in saving the koalas since these fires started in major koala inhabited areas. In NSW alone there are over 2,000 firefighters combating the fires. The US, Canada, and New Zealand have sent firefighters to help combat the fires. The Australian government has sent in people from the army, air force aircraft, and navy cruisers for firefighting, evacuation, search and rescue, and clean-up. Billions of dollars in federal aid has been allocated to rebuilding schools and hospitals. However, there is a bright side due to rain on January 16th over 30 fires have been put out. The number of fires went from 120 to 88 on January 16th. More rain is forecasted to come to places in the east of New South Wales where they are supposed to have 30-80mm of rain in the coming weeks. 

There are many different charities and relief efforts being made to help Australia. The Koala Bear Firefighter mural was created by a group of street Graffiti painters. They came together and each created their own mural on a wall. These murals were created in Melbourne, Australia Hosier Lane. The money they collected from doing this was given to World Wildlife Fund Australia. This money will help the animals repopulate and revive their habitat. Another charity called the RFS which is set up to pay for fire engines, fire equipment, hiring firefighters, and fixing firefighter equipment.



To end these fires were started not only by mother nature but also in connection to arsonists. These fires have been raging since late December. But, the fires are being put out by the concerted effort of firefighters, the Australian military, and mother nature. They have however already taken the lives of many people and animals. There have also been 1,588 homes burnt down. But, there is a lot of money being sent to help rebuild and stop these fires.

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