Feeling Green?

Maggie Voigts, Reporter

On January 16th, 2020 A family from North Carolina was baffled when their white German Sheppard had a lime green puppy whom they named Hulk.  Shana Stamey stated that her family’s dog, Gypsy, with a litter of eight, had one male that was lime green. Suzanne a vet tech at Junaluska Animal Hospital said that sometimes puppies are born green when their coat is colored by meconium, stool from an infant mammal, in the womb.  Here’s what some students have to say:

“It’s pretty weird and I hope the puppy’s not sick.” -Allie Burgess

“That is soo cute, but strange,” -Hailey Barth

A couple of things were sad sbout this unusual pup, but we here at Belmont just hope that the puppy is ok and continues to be adorable.