Racial Discrimination


Angie Thomas was featured in an article on RightOn Magazine in 2003 and later decided to write and publish her book the Hate You Give in 2017. This book explains how people looked at blacks. This book relates to race problems back in the late 1900’s and even before that. 

Angie Thomas’s main character, Starr Carter, is a young black youth. She is a 16 year old who is filled with tons of fear. Starr Carter is as normal as any other teen.  Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter practically moves and lives between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends. Their is an uneasy balance between these worlds and is soon shattered when Starr witnesses a fatal shooting of her childhood friend Khalil at the hands of a poor white police officer. Khalil was unarmed and was in no way threatening.

Here in this paper I include stories told from Starr directly. I base my paper on one theme. I chose fear because fear is like the definition of racial discrimination.  Starr lives in a world filled with fear where police brutality is the main problem. When I first got into this book it began as any other book would, kind of boring but good enough to keep your interest. As I read even further I noticed that fear was happening more and more. I got so into the book that I tried to picture myself in Starr’s shoes, and what it would be like to be black and be looked upon badly.  Would I be looked upon the same way if I was black? Why do people look upon blacks badly but not whites? Would I be able to handle the racial comments, the police brutality, and the mistreating whites would give me if I were in Starr’s shoes?

Angie Thomas States Starr’s fears and her strengths. “I ain’t named you Starr by accident,” let your light shine, as told in the book by Starr’s father Maverick Carter. The author included this because it is telling us as readers that Starr is strong and when times are rough she just needs to shine her light and do what she has to do. 

This is the story of Starr’s life and other “racial accidents” that have happened. I hope that in the reading of my paper and my research, that others can appreciate and understand the racial discrimination problems we have had in our world. As you read my paper take into consideration for all you have, and when you think life is rough think again.

I suggest this as a go to book to read.

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