The 5th Wave Book Review

Author: Rick Yancey

In The 5th Wave aliens have shown up on our doorstep.  They first appeared in secret in the 90s. However, no one that they were here.  They waited many years in secret to start the 1st wave. Who are they and why are they here?  You may find the answer in this book.

After the 1st wave the world was bathed in darkness.  Everything that ran on electricity ceased working. After the 2nd wave only the lucky escape.  The world is struck with many natural disasters. After the 3rd wave only the unlucky escape. The world is struck with a new plague and most of the world population will die.  After the 4th wave only one rule applies; trust no one. Now the 5th wave has begun and no one saw it coming. 

Now Cassie is on the run from them.  She left behind the destruction of her family.  The aliens have done a very good job of scattering the last of humanity’s survivors.  She believes the only way to stay alive is to stay alone. You can no longer trust anyone these days.  She will meet someone who will contradict her beliefs. Evan Walker may be her only hope at saving her little brother.  However, Cassie must choose to trust or distrust.

The 5th Wave has a very interesting concept.  What would actually happen if the Earth was visited by aliens.  Many authors have tried out this concept. For example The War of The Worlds is a very famous book.  I believe Yancey, the author, has portrayed a very realistic scenario.  There wouldn’t be a big battle.  If aliens actually managed to reach the earth, odds are their technology is so much more advanced than ours that we wouldn’t stand a chance.  Now, to get back on track. The books characters are one of the strong parts. The dialogue is also very good. Ultimately this is a very exciting book.