Where is the Snow?


Snow from January 11th Snow Fall is already melting from the corn fields.

Zachary Mester, Editor

While many people have a strong dislike for snow, high school students welcome it with open arms.  Snow delivery to schools brings unexpected (but perfectly welcome) days off, late starts, early releases, and general happiness.  One group of students, the seniors, are especially welcoming of snow and the school closures that come with it.  Historically, they have been exempted from the extra days tacked on at the end of the year to make up snow days.  Unfortunately, at this point of the season, it seems as if Belmont might not even hit the limit of built in snow days.

Senior Ashley Knebel said, “I want snow, but I don’t want snow because I hate working and driving in it.”

Snow days aren’t the only reason to enjoy snow.  Snow brings with it many traditional activities such as building forts, building snowmen, sledding, and playing on the plow piles.

Senior Lizzy Haag commenetd, “I need snow.  I want to go sledding and build snowmen.”

Living in Wisconsin, snow and cold weather come hand in hand, and are inevitable.  We were off to a good start with the first snow coming on Halloween.  However, Mother Nature decided to give us a second fall that lasted until right after Christmas.  Even when winter decided to show up, it failed to deliver on the one thing students want.  On the night of January 10th into the evening of the 11th, Belmont was forecasted to receive up to a foot of snow.  Snow totals ended up coming to less than three inches.

Although it may seem as a decent snow fall may never come, there is still hope.  There were a total of ten snow days last year, and there were none by this time of the school year.  Six snow days came at the end of January and the other four in February.

As of me writing this post, there is a forecasted five plus inches for January 17th.  Let it snow!