Ripped Jeans…Good or Bad?


Picture by Milumia

Mckenzie Reuter, Editor

One of the big trends that is hitting public schools is ripped jeans. Many schools oppose the idea of jeans that have rips in them because they claim there is too much skin showing. Some are opposed to any skin showing in general. Many schools, like ours, have come to the conclusion that it is hard to find jeans that don’t have rips in them.

Ripped jeans have come from many countries. They are laid onto a board and then shaved down with a machine to make the rips. It is actually very interesting to see the process happen right in front of you.  Overall, many people think that ripped jeans are terrible, but in all reality they are very comfortable.  And you can wear them whenever you want. They are good for winter, but also are breezy enough to wear in the summer.

There are many dress code rules. And they all say you can’t show excessive skin, cleavage, etc. But nobody ever follows them. Soon it will get to the point where schools might make students wear uniforms. I know that if I was in school and had to wear a uniform, I would really hate myself. Clothes are a way to express ourselves, but people need to realize that you can’t expose yourself.

I do have to admit that some teens wear ripped jeans that are too ripped. I have experienced teens wearing jeans that had rips all of the way up to their butts. Now, that isn’t okay.  They need to learn when there is too many rips.  In conclusion, Jeans with rips are pretty okay with the exception that people wear them appropriately. And with the exception that they follow the dress code and/or the school’s policy.