Senior Trend Setters


Zachary Mester, Editor

A new trend is setting in here at Belmont, and it’s starting in the Senior Class.  Two seniors, Taylar Simmons and Kolton Westemeier, both have large collections of socks.  You may have seen these two walking around school showing off their socks in style, but if you haven’t, you should know- they aren’t just any kind of sock.  Nor are they just one kind of sock.  They have a total of 60 pairs of elaborately decorated socks between the two of them.  Some of them even are fancy college socks sent to them for applying to a college.  “I love my socks!” exclaimed Taylar, “They are a way that I can discreetly express my individuality.”

Kolton wearing his pineapple socks.

Kolton likes his socks for their comfort and loves it when he has a fellow schoolmate wearing a pair of socks that he also has.  He especially enjoys shouting,”Hey I have those socks!” at them.  Taylar and Kolton would love to see more people around the school wear these type of socks, so find your funky socks and wear them!