Nicole´s Time Out


Jordan Bates, Reporter

Recent Belmont High School Graduate, Nicole Knebel, allowed me to interview her about life post high school and obstacles that have come upon her during her time in college. I also asked her what she misses about Belmont and what she learned here that helped her prepare for the real life.  Nicole loves the new friends that she has made as well living on campus. One thing Nicole dislikes is when she feels like she has to much free time, but she stated it can be beneficial when she needs to study. Nicole is not much of a money spender outside of college, she uses her ID card everywhere on campus including meals, the convenience store, and many more places. 

Nicole is a hard working college student and has no student loans for her entire first year of college as a result of  savings and all of the scholarships she applied for. She enjoys campus life and says it is very fun and inviting. She always has something to do with either an activity going on or something else. She finds everyone friendly and has easy access when she needs something.  She recommends people living on campus because it helps you make friends and it’s easy for you to go to and from places.  It also helps you save money because everything you need is on campus.

Nicole attends SI sessions every Monday through Thursday to go over information. She also gets time in the afternoon to go to the recreation center to work out. She plans things on the weekends with her friends depending on their schedules. At her time in Belmont, especially in the past 2 years, Nicole has said she matured a ton helping her realize what and who she wanted in her life, and the people she still interacts with are her best friends. She misses her relationships with the teachers the most and still appreciates the help they give to her to this day. One thing she will never miss is the small town drama. One quote Nicole finds interesting and eye catching is, “going through things you thought you´d never go through will only take you places you never thought you´d get to.”