School Days

Maggie Voigts, Reporter

This month/week is holiday break for a lot of college students, and last year’s graduates are coming back to visit. I’ve heard a lot of current students talking about how they would never want to do this because “who wants to visit their old high school and be reminded of all those tiring days.”  Here are some quotes I got from students/teachers about what they think:

“Why would you want to come back here, I would rather be at home taking naps.  Go home you old person.” -Hailey Barth

“I think they’re welcome, it’s nice to know what there doing and what they plan to do.” -Mrs.Kuehn

“I don’t know, I don’t really care,” -Ashlee Meylor

“They should go and live their lives and never come back, I don’t understand why they want to come back.” -Ty Palzkill

These are quite different takes on the whole situation but I think the moral of the story is that yes they are invited and welcomed. The teachers/staff (and some students) love to hear what there doing with there life and what they plan to do. It’s just that some students wouldn’t want to come back and honestly, I can’t blame them.