Brave Reader Tea


Allie Burgess, Reporter

Since the Brave Reader newspaper is now online and no longer in paper form, I interviewed a few people on their opinions about the change. As a first year Mass Media student, I think the transition to an online based newspaper will allow for easier  students access throughout the day.  In addition, the article pictures will have better quality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hailey Barth, a junior, stated, “I think the Brave Reader is a little difficult to navigate. I preferred it when it was on paper, it was easier to find the polls and read things. Overall, I think there is some nice stories on the website, and higher quality images than in the past. I’d give it a 7/10.”                                                                                                             

Mackenize Reuter, a three year Mass Media student, also remarked that the online newspaper is a little more challenging to navigate. She feels that the newspaper isn’t being viewed in the same way it was  in the years before.   

Jordan Bates said she feels like the Mass Media group is doing a lot of work for the paper and it isn’t getting seen as it has in years before.

Based on these remarks, I believe the newspaper has some challenges it needs to overcome. The challenges include publicity of the paper and the interest in articles. If you have any story ideas or things you would like to start seeing in the newspaper, let the Mass Media students know.