Parking Gone Wrong


Mckenzie Reuter, Editor

Winter is known for its slick roads and cold temperatures, but who would have thought that it would affect a school on a whole new level.  Yes, we have snow days, 2 hour delays, and we park terrible. Wait what!? Students would definitely agree with this statement.

Our favorite season has arrived, and as you can see, it has affected our parking.  Many students have been told to move their cars because buses can’t get into the parking lot.  Others just leave their car right in the middle of the lot. After school, students all head outside to see if the snow has melted.  In fact, sometimes there are competitions to see who was more accurate in their driving/parking skills. 

I interviewed Zachary Mester, here is what he had to say about our parking skills in the winter. “Our students need to be more considerate of the buses that need to get through. And they need to use common sense when parking in our parking lot.” Learn how to park Belmont!