Half Bad Book Review

Half Bad Book Review


Author: Sally Green

Half Bad is a book set in a fantasy world, but it is very much like our own.  The only difference is that the world is populated with witches. The witch community in Europe is split into two warring factions.  There are the white witches and the black witches. The white witches are the ones in power and the black witches are mostly persecuted.  If a child’s parents are both black and white then they are designated a half code.

Nathan is a sixteen-year-old who is in a cage, both figuratively and literally.  In this world Nathan is an abomination, the illegitimate son of the world’s most wanted black witch, Marcus.  His mother was a white witch who practically disowned Nathan and later committed suicide. People are not born with magical powers, they come into their powers when they turn seventeen.  He can only get his powers when he receives his three gifts which will bring him into his magical powers. Nathan meets many people through his journey. Some can look past his heritage and others only see him as an evil black witch.

This book is a good quick read.  Once you start it the book doesn’t ever seem to slow down.  The characters are very well written and most of the time act as if they are real people.  Nathan is put through some extreme circumstances and will act as someone his age would act.  This is the first book in the trilogy and is worth your time. Once you finish the series you will come out of it a changed person.


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