This or That

Jordan Bates and Hailey Jentz

This month, Hailey and I decided to hand out surveys to 3 different classes. We surveyed the English 10 class, Human AP class and Mrs.Voighs Art class. We also thank you for letting us take away class time. Out of everything we had people pick from Ice cream seemed to be liked the most compared to Reese’s and Kit Kats which oddly somehow managed to tie with one another. If you would like to fill out a survey or know someone who would, let Jordan or Hailey know. Come back next month for more interesting this or that.

Cookies vs. Cake: 56%

Homemade Cookies vs. Store Bought Cookies: 76%

Dance vs. Sing: 60%

Superhero vs. Wizard: 56%

Ice Cream vs. Cake: 80%

Pencil vs. Pen: 53%

Tea vs. Coffee: 60%

Summer vs. Winter: 87%

Night vs. Day: 58%

Chocolate vs. Vanilla: 60%

Straight Hair vs. Curly Hair: 51%

Pancake vs. Waffles: 70%

Text vs. Call: 65%

Pepsi vs. Coke: 51%

Kit Kat vs. Reese’s: 50%