New Teacher!


Hailey Jentz, Reporter

There are many new teachers this school year. Mrs. Udelhoven has the privilege to be one! I interviewed her on some key features on why she came to Belmont, how she likes Belmont, and what she likes to do outside of school.

Mrs. Udelhoven went to UW-Whitewater and majored in Early Childhood Education. Before coming to Belmont, she taught at Head Start. Head Start a great opportunity to work with students and get a better feel for what you are going into as a teacher. Her favorite school subject was reading and writing in High School. She also did Volleyball and Softball.

What brought Mrs. Udelhoven to Belmont Schools is how welcoming everyone is and how small the community is. Also, how everyone is willing to help in anyway. Mrs. Udelhoven really enjoys it here at Belmont and her favorite part of the school day is the morning. In the morning, her 4th grade class has a morning meeting where they share anything they want and it always starts off the mornings in a positive way. The biggest struggle to start off the school year was being a first year teacher, and having to getting her classroom ready and fully preparing herself for all of the curriculum under the short time period. She has already created some great friendships. Outside of school, Mrs. Udelhoven enjoys spending time on the farm. She also enjoys hanging out with friends and family.